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Products I Phase Failure Relays I S2 VMR1

Microcontroller design,
SMD Technology,
Phase Failure, Unbalance,
Phase Sequence,
Auto/Manual Reset,
Adjustable Unbalance setting,
2 CO output relay
Supply Voltage
System : 100-120/220-240/380-440V AC, -25+20% 48-63 Hz
Auxillary : Built-in

Output Contacts : 2 CO

Trip Setting(Volts)
Phase Sequence : Yes
Phase Unbalance : 4% to 20% (variable) ± 5% of full scale

Trip Time Delay
On Phase Failure/ Unbalance : 4 sec. ± 1 sec./ RP-Instant
For Level Sensing : NA

Resetting Mode : Auto / Manual Reset(Selected by front push button)

Weight : 100 gms.(Approx)

Dimensions (mm)
Overall (L x W x D) : 90 x 35 x 60
Mounting (L x W) : 35 mm rail Mounting

Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)
* Available on request.
Timing/ Relay logic Diagram

Electrical Connection Diagram

vsp_d1 vsp_d1
Relay contact position shown in 'Power off' condition
Suitable for following applications:
Rectifier Panel
Battery Charger
3 Phase AC Panel
DG Set Panel