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Products I Monitoring Relays I S2 CMR3

  Earth fault/Ground fault monitoring of 3 phase systems,
  Microcontroller based design,
  SMD technology, Manual Reset,
  Input 1A or 5A through CBCT,
  Adjustable earth fault trip setting,
  Adjustable trip delay & ON delay,
  2 CO relay output
  Failsafe-non-failsafe seletable
Supply Voltage
  System : 100-120/220-240/380-440 V AC ± 20%, 48-63 Hz
  Auxillary : 100-120/220 -240 V AC / 24V DC ± 20%

Ext. Input   1 A or 5 A (Selectable) CBCT

Output Contacts : 2 CO

Trip Setting    
  EF Trip Setting : 10% - 100% of Rated Current Input (Variable)
(Input through CT of 1AMP or 5AMP Secondary)
  Under Current : N.A.
  Over Current : N.A.

Power On Delay : 1-10 Sec. (Adjustable)

Trip Time Delay : 0.1-1 Sec. (Adjustable)

Resetting : Manual

Weight : 140 gms.

Dimensions (mm)    
  Overall (L x W x D) : 90 x 35 x 60
  Mounting (L x W) : 35 mm rail Mounting

Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)
Timing/ Relay logic Diagram

Electrical Connection Diagram


Relay contact position shown in 'Power off' condition
Suitable for following application:
Generator panels
Synchronizing Control Panels
AMF Panels, MCC panels
Air Circuit Breakers (With shunt Trip Coil)
MCCB (With Shunt Trip Coil)
Motor Control Panels


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