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Products I Power Line Transducers I MULTIFUNCTION METER

Minilec offers multifunction meter F3MFM1 to 4 for simultaneous measurement of various Electrical Parameters of 3 Phase 3 Wire or 4 Wire electric power system. The Meters are widely used in application areas where accurate and reliable monitoring of Power Line parameters is essential.

Salient Feature
Accuracy Class 0.5 and 0.2%
Compact and Easy Installation
Programmable CT, PT Ratio
Wide range of Auxiliary Power Supply 45 to 300 V (Self Powered also available)
True RMS Measurement
Conformity to EMI/EMC
4 Quadrant Measurement
Communication with PC, DCS, PLC through RS 232 or RS 485 Port
Demand, Energy Parameters
Password Protection
Measurement : 3 Phase 3 Wire or 4 Wire (User Selectable)

Input Current : 0 - 120% of the selected range
(1A,5A AC User Selectable)

Input Voltage : 0 - 120% of the selected range
(110 or 415 V User Selectable)

Frequency : 40 - 60 Hz

Power Factor : (Lag) 0.5 -1- 0.5 (Lead)

Power :

Continuous : 2 times for Current,

Overload : 1.2 times for Voltage

Momentary : 40 times for Current (1 Second)

Overload : 2 times for Voltage (1 Second)

Power Supply : 45 - 300 V AC/DC, 18- 60 V DC
Self Powered (PI. Specify)

Burden Less than 5 VA for Auxiliary
Supply 0.5 VA for Voltage & Current

Response Time Less than 500 mSec.

Display : 3 Lines of 7 Segment 4 Digits

Keys : 3 Tactile keys

Comm. Port : RS 232 or RS 485 (Optional)

Isolation : 2 KV, 50 Hz for 1 min between
Input, Supply & Communication Port

Insulation : 100 Mohms at 500 V DC for 1 min

Environmental : 0-55C. 95% RH Non-Condensing

Parameters Application:

Parameters Class 0.5 Class 0.2
Voltage Current 0.5% of Span 0.2% of Span
Frequency 0.5% of Reading 0.2% of Reading
Power Factor 0.5% of Reading 0.2% of Reading
Active Power
Reactive Power
Apparent Power
0.5% of Span 0.2% of Span
Active Energy
Reactive Energy
Apparent Energy
0.5% of Reading 0.2% of Reading

Parameters F3 MFM2 F3 MFM3 F3 MFM4
Vpn, VI, V2, V3 alt alt alt
Vpp, Vry, Vyb, Vbr alt alt alt
A, Al, A2, A3 alt alt alt
W, Wl, W2, W3 alt alt alt
VAR, VAR1, VAR2, VAR3 alt alt alt
VA, VA1, VA2, VA3 alt alt alt
Frequency alt alt alt
PF, PF1, PF2, PF3 alt alt alt
Wh, Import Wh, Export Wh alt alt
VARh, Import VARh, Export VARh alt alt
Vah alt alt
Demand Parameters (W/VA/A) alt
Run, On Hours, Interruptions alt alt alt
User Selectable any 10 Parameters
At your End (Except Demand)
Dimensional Drawing


Suitable for Panels in Following Apllications:
Electrical Utility
Control Panels
Motor and Power Control Circuits
Process Monitoring and Control
Energy Management
Substation Monitoring
Building Management Systems
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Captive Power Plants

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