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Products I Motor/Pump Protection Relays M-Commander

M-Commander is a micro-processor based Motor protection and Pump management system, suitable for 2 pumps,
Sensing voltage, current and temperature,
Protecting against Phase Failure, Unbalance,
Phase sequence, Under/over voltage,
Overloading, dry running, winding over temperature,
Over current/Short circuit,
Locked rotor, earth fault. Auto/Manual resetting,
Adjustable trip settings for UV/OV,
UC/OC, O/L, Locked rotor & earth fault,
On delay & start-up delay adjustable,
2x1CO output relays RTC based time settings,
Water level control.
Motor protection Includes
Under /Over voltage protection
Single/Reverse phasing protection
Voltage / Current unbalance
Overload trip
Over current protection
Dry running protection
Earth fault protection
PTC based winding overheating protection
Pump Management System Features
Auto Change over between two pumps
Intelligent resetting facility
On-site programming facility
Password protection for programming
Pump On-Off timer programmable for 10 times a day, with advance programming of 7 days
Provision for water level control
Run-time compensation
Ideal for Pump Automation & Unmanned Pumping Stations
Supply Voltage
System : 415 V AC +20%,-25% 50/60Hz ± 3%
Auxillary : 90-270 VAC/DC ± 20%, 50Hz

Output Contacts : 4 x 1 CO Relays (for 2 pumps)

Current sensor : External CT5 / CT20 / CT50

Reset : Auto/ Multi-Attempt / Manual

Unbalance : 1-20% ± 6V for Voltage Unbalance
20-60% ± 5% of current unbalance

Overload : As per inverse time characteristics

Over Current /
Short Circuit
: 300% - 800%

Locked Rotor : 200% - 500%

Earth Fault : 30% - 80%

Winding Overheating : As per PTC temperature characteristics

Under Voltage : 75% - 95% of system supply (adjustable)

Over Voltage : 105%-120% of system supply (adjustable)

Dry Running : 30-90% of Imax

Display : 16x2 Ch. (Backlit LCD)

Level Control : Upper tank full
Lower tank empty

Weight : 800 gms.

Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)

Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)
Electrical Connection Diagram

Timing/ Relay logic Diagram


Relay contact position shown in 'Power off' condition
Suitable for Panels in Following Apllications:
Pump House Automation.


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