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EMS 2000
Minilec introduces a new range of Electronic Motor Starter - EMS- 2000. This newly introduced Electronic Soft Starter is packed with unique features and is designed for stand-alone applications.

EMS 2000 is equipped with various options for Starting as per load types and also offers protection to motor.

Soft Start - Adjustable soft start time range : 1 - 60 sec.
Soft Stop - Twice of start time
Normal high volt start.
Kick start
Adjustable kick duration 400/800 ms.
Current limit: Adjustable range : 150% - 350% of FLA, (100% = 5A, of secondary of external CT)
Energy save ( PFC )
By pass Enable/Disable
Power Range (KW / HP) : From 7.5 KW/10 HP Up to 55 KW/75 HP

Nominal Current (Amp) : 16 Amps. - 96 Amps. (Max)

Aux. Supply Voltage : In-Built

System Supply : 415V AC (-20% + 15%)

Line Frequency : 50 Hz ± 3%

Bypass facility : External Contactor

Start Mode : Normal High Volt Start
Normal Low Volt Start
Short Kick with Low Volt start
Short Kick with High Volt start
Long Kick with Low Volt start
Long Kick with High Volt start

Current Limit % In (FLA) : Range 150% to 350% of In (POT)

Ramp Up Time (Sec.) : 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 sec.

Ramp Down Time (Sec.) : Twice of start time

Protections : Single Phase, Reverse Phase
SCR Short / Open, Unit overheat
Overload (IDMTL), Class 2 in run
Under Voltage, Lock Rotor 5 * IL < 5ms

Operating Temp. :
0 to 45°C

Overall (L x W x D)
Mounting (L x W)
Please see table below

Weight in Kgs (Approx.) :

Communication : N.A.

Protocol : N.A.

Electronic over load protection - Adjustable range : 40% - 100%
( 100% = 5A, i.e. secondary of external CT )
Under voltage (-20% ± 1% of system supply)
SCR short/open fault protection 3.5 ± 1.5 sec
Single phase protection 3.5 ± 1.5 sec
Reverse phase protection 3.5 ± 1.5 sec
Locked Rotor (for current above 500% to trip within 5 Sec.
Heat - sink over temperature (75° C ± 5° C)

Faults and Indications
To understand the fault indications refer following table.
Fault Led Indication
Overload Under voltage / overload Flashing
Lock rotor Under voltage / overload Flashing
Heat sink over Temperature Under voltage / overload Flashing
Under voltage Under voltage / overload Steady ON
SCR short Single phase / SCR fault Flashing
SCR open Single phase / SCR fault Flashing
Single phase Single phase / SCR fault Steady ON
Reverse phase Trip relay ON Steady ON

Controls (External / Remote)

Stop (soft stop also valid in by- pass mode)
Emergency stop / system reset (free run to stop)

Relay output
Mains relay
By pass Contactor relay
Trip relay

Typical fields of application for "EMS 2000" include.
Electrical drives for processing materials which are sensitive to jerking and pulling.
Pump drives.
Drives with long periods of operation under no-load condition.
Machines with transmission systems, belt or chain drives.
Drives with large inertia.

Typical equipment used with the EMS 2000 are :
Centrifugal pumps
Conveyor belts
Cranes (OH)

Size, Mounting & Weight

Model Size (LxWxD) in mm Mounting (LxW) in mm Weight in kgs
10HP-20HP 392x223x195 350x170 9.0
30HP-40HP 392x223x235 350x170 11.3
50HP-60HP 392x223x235 350x170 12.0
75HP 415x223x250 395x170 16.5
Timing/ Relay logic Diagram

EMS 2000 EMS 2000
EMS 2000 EMS 2000

Electrical Connection Diagram

EMS 2000
It is useful for Pumps Industry, HVAC & R Industry, Engineering & Food Processing Industry
Motors used in rope twisting machine
Motors used in tool rooms with UPS backup for limiting current
Transporter systems, Blowers, Fans, Crane

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