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Products I Soft Starters I D3 EMS1

This is a Small size soft starter with DIN - Rail mounting feature ideally suitable for light duty small motor applications

D3 EMS1 Controls voltage of 2 phases, with facility for adjusting Soft Start, Soft Stop times and Starting Torque.

With this soft starter 3-phase motors with nominal load currents upto 8 A can be soft-started and / or soft-stopped,thus reducing the inrush current and eliminating the damaging effects of high starting current surges. This is a compact starting device for small motors and hence there is room for more products on a given mounting platform. It is easy to install and to adjust because access for connections and adjustments is from the front. Starting and stopping time as well as initial torque can be independently adjusted by built-in potentiometers.

Reduced in rush current and mechanical shock
Soft, smooth, step-less acceleration & deceleration
Soft Start Time, Soft Stop Time, Initial Torque independently settable by means of potentiometer
Built-in by pass relay (For by passing SCR)
Easy to install and operate
Millions of switching cycles
Compact, lightweight
DIN-rail mounting (35mm)
LED indications for 3-ph ON, Ramp up / Ramp down and Run
Power Range (KW / HP) : 1.5 KW / 2 HP, 2.2 KW / 3 HP, 3.7 KW / 5 HP

Nominal Current (Amp) : 8 Amps. Max.

Control. Supply Voltage : 24-110V AC/DC (+15% - 20%) 110-415V AC (+15% - 20%)

System Supply : 415V AC + 15% - 20%

Line Frequency : 50/60 Hz ± 3%

Bypass facility : Built-in (Via Internal Contactor Relay)

Start Mode : Reduced Volt Start

Current Limit % In (FLA) : N.A.

Ramp Up Time (Sec.) : Adjustable from 0.5 to 10 Sec.(±25%)

Ramp Down Time (Sec.) : Adjustable from 0.5 to 10 Sec.(±25%)

Initial Torque : 0% - 80%

Protections :

Operating Temp. : 0°C to 45°C

Device Dimensions (mm) : Overall (L x W x D) 76 x 82 x 115 (mm)

Weight in Kgs (Approx.) : 340 gms (approx.)

Communication : N.A.

Protocol : N.A.

Mounting : 35 mm Din Rail

Control and Setting
D3EMS 1 has three potentiometers control on its front.
Ramp up : To set ramp up time ( 0.5 to 10 Sec. )
Ramp down : To set ramp down time ( 0.5 to 10 Sec. )
Initial torque : To set initial torque of the motor ( 0 to 80% )
Set Ramp - up time and Initial Torque such that motor will start without jerk and humming noise.

Functional Description
Soft Start : During ramp-up, the soft starter will gradually increase the voltage to the motor until it reaches full line voltage. The motor speed will depend on the actual load on the motor shaft.
Initial Torque : The initial torque is used to set starting voltage. This way it is possible to adapt the soft starter to an application requiring a higher starting torque. It can be adjusted from 0 to 80% of nominal torque.
Softstop : During ramp-down, Soft starter gradually reduce the voltage to the motor thus reducing the torque and current. The soft stop feature is advantageous to avoid water hammering and cavitations on pumps and to avoid goods tilting on conveyors. It is typically used on motor application where a smooth start and / or stop is advantageous thereby reduce the wear on gear and belt / chain drives. It is used for light duty applications such as small conveyors, bottle washers, pumpbore, slicer etc.

This unit does not provide any protection. Hence user has to take care of necessary protections.
Timing / Relay logic Diagram Electrical Connection Diagram

It is useful for Pumps Industry, Conveyors motor control, Cranes.

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