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Products I Power Line Transducers I D1 PTC3 / D1 PTV3

D1 PTC3 / D1 PTV3 D1 PTC3 / D1 PTV3
2 Wire Current transducer
Input AC Current
Output (DC) single
Accuracy 0.5%

2 Wire Voltage transducer
Input AC Voltage
Output (DC) single
Accuracy 0.5%


The Transducer converts the A.C. Input current or Voltage signal to a 4-20mA D.C. Output.
The output is directly proportional to the input signal. 2 Wire Transducer obtain the power to operate from the 4-20mA output circuit to which they are connected, and therefore require no separate auxiliary supply. It is average sensing RMS calibrated current Transducer. 2 Wire Transducers have an advantage over conventional auxiliary powered transducer, because no separate auxiliary is required, savings in the cost of providing a separate auxiliary supply and wiring are made. The above Transducer can be used to measure current or voltage in energy management systems, switchboards, generator and telemetery controls. Isolation of 2 KV is provided between the input and output signal, allowing the output to be fed to conventional analogue meters, digital meters, PLC, and computer systems.
Auxiliary Supply : 7.5 - 36 V DC, 2 Wire Type (Mostly 24 V DC)

Power Consumption : Less than 1 VA

Sensor : N.A.

Input Value
I in
V in
0 – 1 A / 0 – 5 A AC for D1 PTC3
0 – 150 V, 0 – 300 V, 0 – 500 V AC or any user range for D1 PTV3

Resistance Type : N.A.

DC Output (Single / Dual) :
4 - 20 mA DC

No of Signal Output : Single

Response Time : Less than 500 mSec.

Input / Output Isolation : 2 KV 50 Hz for 1 min.

Temperature : 0 – 55°C.

Humidity : 95% RH Non-condensing

Accuracy : (+/-)0.5% of Span

Enclosure : D1

Dimensions (L x W x D) (mm) : 30 X 80 X 120

Weight : 100 gms.
Wiring Diagrams

D1 PTC3 / D1 PTV3
Suitable for Panels in Following Apllications:
MCC Panel
Metering Panel

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