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Products I Phase Failure Relays I D1 HL S1

  Phase Failure, Unbalance,
  Phase Sequence,
  Under voltage, Over Voltage,
  Auto reset, Fixed Unbalance Setting
  Fixed UV/OV settings,
  2 CO output relay
Supply Voltage : 100-110-120/220-230-240/380-415-440V AC+20,-25%,
  System : 48-63 Hz, Selectable by Front Knob
  Auxillary : Built In

Output Contacts : 2 CO

Trip Setting(Volts)    
  Phase Sequence : Yes 
  Phase Unbalance : 10% (Fixed)

For 380-440V AC
For 220-240V AC
For 110 V AC
line 75% of system supply (Fixed)
For 380-440V AC
For 220-240V AC
For 110 V AC
line 120% of system supply (Fixed)

Trip Time Delay
  On Phase Failure : 3.5±1.5 secs. [Fixed]
  On UV/OV : Less than 2 secs.

Resetting Mode : Auto

Weight : 200 gms.

Dimensions (mm)
  Overall (L x W x D) : 76 x 30.5 x 117.5
  Mounting (L x W) : 68 centre to centre / 35 mm rail Mounting

Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)
* CE marked products available on request.
Timing/ Relay logic Diagram

Electrical Connection Diagram

D1 HLS1  D1 HLS1
Relay contact position shown in 'Power off' condition
Suitable for monitoring 3 Ph. System supply from MAINS & used by motor load -
AC & R Chiller compressor motors.
AHU Fan /Pump Motors
Machinery using multiple small motors.
MAIN powers supply distribution panel board.
DG Set application
Submersible Pumps
Hoist & Crane