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Minilec offers the widest, most extensive, and most reliable line of Motor & Pump Protection relays, Phase Failure Relays, Microprocessor Based Annunciation & event-monitoring Systems, Industrial Software for today's industrial markets worldwide.

Minilec has traditionally been the leading producer of phase failure relays & motor protection relays since the late 1960's. Today our products have been recognized as the best in Quality, Delivery, and Customer satisfaction. This site will guide you to identify your needs with a suitable Minilec product & buy it from your nearest Authorized Dealer in your area.
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“Timely supply of reliable products with innovative features
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MBAS 08 - Alarm Annunciators
Most compact alarm Annunciator with improved window design and all major features of MBAS 0600 Annunciator. Models
Multifunctions Meter
Minilec offers multifunction meter F3MFM1 to 4 for simultaneous measurement of various Electrical Parameters
Isolation Transducers - D5 PTC2 / D5 PTV
In this type of Transducer, 3 Separate Current/Voltage Transducers are combined in one enclosure. This Type of
Isolation Transducers - D3 TET1
It is a precision grade transducer is used for galvanically isolated measurement of Temperature using external PT100
Motor Protection Relay - F3 MPR 1
Microcontroller based. Sensing voltage, current and temperature. Protecting against Phase Failure, Unbalance, Phase
Phase Sequence Relay - S1 VMR7
These relays are suitable for monitoring incoming 3-phase supply from Mains (Electricity distribution line). Being
Isolation Transducers - D5 MFT1
D5MFT1 is a Multifunction Power Line Transducer for simultaneous measurement of various electrical parameters of 3
Isolation Transducers - D1 PTC3 / D1 PTV3
The Transducer converts the A.C. Input current or Voltage signal to a 4-20mA D.C. Output. The output is directly
Motor / Pump Protection Relay - D2 MPR2
These relays are useful for protection of 3-phase AC induction motors against various hazards. With their unique
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Exhibition Date Address Stall No. Automation 2015 Exhibition 24th TO 27th AUGUST 2015 10th International